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The North America Boerboel Breeders Association, Inc (also known as NABBA) was created in February 2013 to protect the Boerboel breed, to provide a service for members and to assist anyone interested in the Boerboel breed, whether breeder, owner or enthusiast.


The purpose of NABBA is to:


  • provide members quality and prompt services

  • provide education to those interested in the Boerboel

  • promote a leadership culture for the preservation of breed characteristics and improvement of the genetic value of  the Boerboels in North America


NABBA will:


  • compile and maintain precise records of the pedigrees of thoroughbred Boerboels

  • enter information in the database and issue registrations, birth certificates, change of ownerships, and duplicate registrations/birth certificates

  • compile and maintain a comprehensive Breed Standard

  • protect and preserve the Boerboel family

  • be a forum for the exchange of knowledge concerning the Boerboel 

  • promote and provide Boerboel shows

  • promote the interest of owners/members and provide activities for social or educational purposes of the Boerboel breed

Educational Opportunities

The NABBA is committed to providing educational opportunities on a regular basis to its members such as:


  • Appraiser Training Courses in order to acquire knowledge and skills, or to qualify as a Junior/Senior Appraiser or Judge

  • Breeder Courses to encourage responsible breeding practices and to ensure correct temperament, health and conformation of the Boerboel, with emphasis on quality

  • Seminars and courses to be conducted by professionals, licensed veterinarians and/or breeders, to include but not limited to:

    • First Aid (Emergencies) – Medical

    • Breeding – Natural, Artificial Insemination (AI) and surgical AI

    • Whelping

    • Proper care and Puppy Rearing

    • Kenneling

    • Diet/Nutrition

    • Training – Obedience & Conformation

    • Genetics


Member rights & obligations:

The NABBA is a member-oriented organization.  The rights and obligations of all members are:


  • apply for recording or registration of a Boerboel

  • to receive all available expert and technical advice from the NABBA appraisers, officials and representatives regarding matters concerning the Boerboels

  • to hold or participate in any function or event such as shows, appraisals, seminars or courses as sponsored by the NABBA



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