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The North America Boerboel Breeders Association, Inc (also known as NABBA) was created in February 2013 to provide a service for members and to assist anyone interested in the Boerboel breed, whether breeder, owner or enthusiast.


The purpose of NABBA is to:


  • provide members quality and prompt services

  • provide education to those interested in the Boerboel

  • promote a leadership culture for the preservation of breed characteristics and improvement of the genetic value of  the Boerboels in North America


NABBA will:


  • compile, maintain and issue precise records of pedigrees

  • compile and maintain a comprehensive Breed Standard

  • be a forum for the exchange of knowledge 

  • provide activities for social or educational purposes

  • promote and provide Boerboel shows

  • promote and provide appraisals, shows, breeders courses, appraiser courses and educational seminars


Member rights & obligations:


  • attend Special & general Metings

  • vote at meetings

  • receive all reports and other publications published 

  • apply for recording or registration of a Boerboel

  • participate in any function or event 



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