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Member Services Instructions

Members can find all necessary forms under the 'Members Services' area. 

Litter Announcement

Members must submit a litter announcement to receive Birth Certificates for pups produced from a registered dam and sire.  If either the dam or sire has not been appraised and registered with NABBA, and DNA swabbed,  NO Birth Certificates will be issued.  Go to the website, fill in the required information.  Please review all information for accuracy before submitting.  Additional information should be entered in the “comments” section.   When the litter announcement is submitted, an invoice will be sent to the member for payment.  When payment is received, the Birth Certificates will be processed and emailed (PDF) to the member from the office in North America.  It is the member’s responsibility to provide the birth certificate to the new owner.


Stud Service Certificate

In cases where the stud does not belong to owner of the dam, a “Stud Service Certificate” must be completed and submitted by the stud’s owner.  Natural covers and/or artificial insemination using semen from an outside male require the submission of a Stud Service Certificate.  A Stud Service Certificate must accompany the Litter Announcement in order for birth certificates to be processed.


If the owner of the stud is not a member of NABBA, he/she must submit via email the registered name and registration number of the stud used and the female of the breeder along with the mating date(s) to the office.


No Birth Certificates will be processed until the Stud Service Certificate is received.

Change of Ownership

The seller of the Boerboel, not the buyer, submits the request for Change of Ownership.   Should the seller not be a member of NABBA, the office will accept an email with the name and address of seller, name and address of buyer, the Boerboel’s registered name, registry name and registration number.  The Buyer will be responsible for the fees to do the change of ownership.

Video Appraisal


At this time, we do not do video appraisals for our members in the US.

This is only for our foreign members.


For our members that live in the Islands (Caribbean, St. Kitts, etc.), Alaska or Northern Canada, and our foreign members, we understand the costs for flights are not feasible.  Therefore Video appraisals will be available to you without having to present your Boerboel(s) for proper appraisal.  Your Boerboel’s will be considered properly appraised providing the dog(s) meet the requirements.


Once you have finished the video Fill out the form “Request for Video Appraisal” and send to as an attachment.  At the same time, submit the original birth certificate via email along with the dog’s microchip number to the office for North America.   Should the video be incomplete, you will be notified and another video will be required




In order to present your Boerboel for appraisal, you must be a member of NABBA.  Boerboels may be presented for appraisal from the age of 12 months. Boerboels that are 10 months of age have been presented in the past without any problems.  We leave this decision up to the Senior Appraiser.  When enrolling a dog for appraisal or reappraisal, you must submit a copy of the  Birth Certificate or Registration Certificate to the office at   You may keep the original birth certificate or registration.


Dog from other registries (SABBS, EBBASA, and BI) birth certificate, must be presented to NABBA prior to the appraisal venue in order for the office to enter into the NABBA database. We cannot accept dogs that the parents have not been properly appraised and registered.  NABBA no longer

will accept dogs from NKC, AKC, ARBA or the such, unless both parents have been appraised and DNA tested with NABBA.


Members are notified of the location and dates of appraisal venues.  It is suggested that members pre-register and pay prior to the venue date.   Venues are determined on interest from our members.  If little or no interest in a particular venue, then that venue will be cancelled. 

Direct all correspondence to:


P.O. BOX 532

LIVE OAK, FL 32064



Phone:  386.397.1060





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