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The North America Boerboel Breeders Association, Inc (also known as NABBA) was created in 2013 to protect the Boerboel breed, to provide a service for members and to assist anyone interested in the Boerboel breed, whether breeder, owner or enthusiast.


The purpose of NABBA is to:


  • provide members quality and prompt services

  • provide education to those interested in the Boerboel

  • promote a leadership culture for the preservation of breed characteristics and improvement of the genetic value of  the Boerboels in North America


NABBA will:


  • compile and maintain precise records of the pedigrees of thoroughbred Boerboels

  • enter information in the database and issue registrations, birth certificates, change of ownerships, and duplicate registrations/birth certificates

  • compile and maintain a comprehensive Breed Standard

  • protect and preserve the Boerboel family

  • be a forum for the exchange of knowledge concerning the Boerboel 

  • promote and provide Boerboel shows

  • promote the interest of owners/members and provide activities for social or educational purposes of the Boerboel breed

Educational Opportunities

The NABBA is committed to providing educational opportunities on a regular basis to its members such as:


  • Appraiser Training Courses in order to acquire knowledge and skills, or to qualify as a Junior/Senior Appraiser or Judge

  • Breeder Courses to encourage responsible breeding practices and to ensure correct temperament, health and conformation of the Boerboel, with emphasis on quality

  • Seminars and courses to be conducted by professionals, licensed veterinarians and/or breeders, to include but not limited to:

    • First Aid (Emergencies) – Medical

    • Breeding – Natural, Artificial Insemination (AI) and surgical AI

    • Whelping

    • Proper care and Puppy Rearing

    • Kenneling

    • Diet/Nutrition

    • Training – Obedience & Conformation

    • Genetics


Member rights & obligations:

The NABBA is a member-oriented organization.  The rights and obligations of all members are:


  • apply for recording or registration of a Boerboel

  • to receive all available expert and technical advice from the NABBA appraisers, officials and representatives regarding matters concerning the Boerboels

  • to hold or participate in any function or event such as shows, appraisals, seminars or courses as sponsored by the NABBA

Contact Us


For more information on the NABBA, please feel free to contact any one of the Board Members listed or send an email to


How do you become a NABBA member?


Click on Member Services and complete the application for membership at



Bear Creek Lake State Park

22 Bear Creek Road

Cumberland, VA   

Start time @ 10 am

Host:  David Malcom  434.838.0213 


West Earl Community Park

189 S. State Street

Leola, PA   17540

Start time @ 10 am

Host:  Tami Banks 


681 Rogers Road

Long Point, NB   E5N 7W1

Start time @ 9 am

Host:  Mason Amlee   506.651.2396 


Glenwood Lake Park

207 E. Sharp Street

Glenwood, Iowa   51534

Start time @ 10 am 

Host:  Chris Carter   402.517.7184


City of Dellwood - Dellwood Pavilion

10179 W. Florissant Ave.

St. Louis, MO

Start time @ 9 am 


6904 Automall Parkway

Gilroy, CA   95020

Start time @ 9 am 

Host:  Max Tran   408.712.3845


8827 131st Ave. NE

Lake Stevens, WA   98258

Start time @ 10 am 

Host:  Christina Graff   425.345.3900


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