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March 14, 2018

2018 Spring Appraisal Tour - deadline to request venue

The deadline to request an appraisal venue is fast approaching.  If you are interested, please contact the office at no later than March 23rd, 2018.



For each venue, NABBA requires a minimum of 10 dogs to be pre-registered and paid before any flights are booked.  

Thank you!

February 23, 2018

2018 NABBA Spring Appraisal Tour - planning stage

​Thank you for all your support in 2017.  This year will be a big one for NABBA as we celebrate our 5 year anniversary!  In addition, we have a big year planned for our appraisals.

We have had a lot of interest in the Spring Appraisal Tour and so it is time to start coordinating the venues.  The first appraisal venue will be held in April and others will follow.


We encourage members to contact the office at by March 31st, 2018 advising of their interest in attending or hosting an appraisal venue for the Spring Tour.  Please don't wait until the last minute.  Once all the input has been received from our members, we will send an email with dates and locations for each venue.

We do have some venues that are for certain:


  • NABBA has planned a venue in Lancaster, PA for the middle of May.  This will be an appraisal and puppy show.  There will also be a cookout with sausage and hamburgers with all the trimmings, a raffle, music, and Veterinarian(s) to answer any questions you may have.  This will be a fun venue for all. 

  • The Virginia appraisal is also being coordinated.  Hopefully we will also have a cookout. This venue will facilitate the members in surrounding states.

  • We are also coordinating a venue in Collinsville, IL.  We will have an appraisal but not sure yet about a show.  Hopefully a cookout too. 


The appraisal fee is still $125 prepaid and $25 for DNA.  The cost of DNA kits has increased causing NABBA to increase the fee to our members.  Even with the increase, it is still a good price.



For each venue, NABBA requires a minimum of 10 dogs to be pre-registered and paid before any flights are booked.  

Should you have paperwork from another registry, you must submit a copy to the NABBA office so your dog can be entered in the NABBA database prior to the appraisal.


As a reminder, membership renewal is due by March 31, after that date the fee is $75.00.

NABBA looks forward to a great year with lots of activities.


Thank you!

NABBA Board Members

August 31, 2017

2017 NABBA Appraisal & Show - Schedule

We are only a month away from starting the NABBA Fall Appraisal & Show Tour.


If you have not pre-registered and paid, please do so now so that the venue you want to attend is not cancelled.  Because of the many venues NABBA is doing, the time frame for each is going to be tight.   It is imperative that you pre-register and pay for your dogs to be appraised or to attend the Boerboel Show in Collinsville or the puppy show in Hawthorne Woods, Il.  This must be done 3 weeks prior to the date scheduled for the first venue.  From

September 29 through October 9, I will be on the tour and the office will be closed.


The fee for pre-registered prior to the 3 weeks is $125. After that time frame or at the venue, the fee is $150 per dog.  All dogs will be scanned for microchips.   All dogs presented that have not been previously DNA tested will be done at the appraisal venue.  The fee for DNA kit at the venue is $20.


For all Boerboels that are being presented for appraisal with another organization's birth certificate or registration, you will need to send a copy to the office so the dog can be entered in our database with NABBA papers prior to the appraisal.


For members that plan to attend the Appraisal Course (Phase I), please let the office know as literature will need to be prepared for each attendee.  Deadline for signing up is September 1, 2017.  The fee is $100 per attendee which includes the manual.


The Houston, TX and New Orleans, LA venues are on hold until further notice due to Hurricane Harvey.


September 30 - Appraisal and Boerboel Puppy Show

                        Knigge Field

                        23600 N. Echo Lake Road

                        Hawthorne Woods, IL (outside of Lake Zurich)

                        Start Time:  8:30 AM


October 1 -    Appraisal

                        5400 Dixie Road

                        Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4T4 (part of Toronto)

                        Start Time:  8:00 AM to NOON


October 3 -    Appraisal

                        431 Airport Freeway

                        Euless, TX 76040 (outside of Dallas, TX

                        Start Time:  8:30 AM


October 6 -    Appraiser Course (Phase I)

                        Hampton Inn Meeting Room

                        10820 Pear Tree Lane

                        St. Louis, MO  63074

                        Start Time:  9:00 AM


October 7 -    Boerboel Show

                        Woodland Park, Rotary Pavilion

                        302 Pine Lake Road

                        Collinsville, IL  62234

                        Start Time:  8:30 AM


October 8 -    Appraisal

                        Woodland Park - Lions Pavilion

                        302 Pine Lake Road

                        Collinsville, IL  62234

                        Start Time:  8:30 AM


October 14 -    Appraisal

                        Cedarville State Forest - Pavilion No. 1

                        Brandywine, MD  20613

                        Start Time:  8:30 AM


October 15 -     Appraisal

                        695 Hillside Street

                        Milton, MA  02186

                        Start Time:  8:30 AM


October 21    Appraisal

                        Columbus Park of Roses

                        3901 North High St.

                        Columbus, OH  43214

                        Start time:  10:00 AM

October 21 -    Appraisal

                         1485 Jacobs Road

                        Deland, FL  32724

                        Start Time:  9:00 AM


October 28 -    Appraisal

                        1728 Fountain Court

                        Columbus, GA  31904

                         Start time:  9:30 AM


Please Note:  The start time is critical in order for the appraisers to be able to give each dog the ample time needed for appraisal.



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